3 ingredient chicken

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3 ingredient chicken


Cola, ketchup, chicken


Cooking Time: 35
Recipes Makes: 4
Calories: 288
Carbs: 30
Fat: 4
Protein: 34

Ingredients Related Tips

1 1/2lbs chicken
Equal amounts of cola and ketchup


Place chicken in pot. Cover with equal amounts of cola(I use coke or equivalent *not diet*) and ketchup until chicken is covered. Cook covered about an hr or until chicken falls off a fork. I serve it over rice or I shred the chicken and make a sandwich

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10/17/2016 10:10:28 PM

Cook on high, medium or low? Makes a difference I'd imagine.

4/9/2015 8:32:01 PM

how much cola/ketchup is enough?

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