Bamboo Stick Knife Block

Easy knife block

Easy way to test the freshness of eggs

How fresh are your eggs?

Fix Burnt Rice

Piece of bread should fix it

Separate Bacon Easy!

Get to the bacon faster :)



Leftover Wine Cubes

what is "leftover wine"?

Fix Fatty Soup

Fix Fatty Soup

Remove Corn Silk

Easy corn silk removal

Lettuce Core Removal

Slam the Lettuce!

More Juice from Lemons

Microwave your lemons

Stuffing Tomatoes

Muffin Pan Tomatoes

Shiny Pie Crust

Shiny Pie Crust!

Sharpen your Shears

Dull shears?

Easy Peel on Garlic

Lots of garlic?

Fluffier Pancakes

Cut Cals on Pancakes!

Solid Sausage

Cracked Sausage?

Better Burgers

Juicy Burgers!

Slice Cheese Easy

Easy Slicing!

Get the shells out easy

Shells in the batter?

Crispier Chicken

Soggy Chicken?

Better Strawberries

Better Strawberries!

Fluffier Mashed Potatoes

Not too fluffy?

Eyeball Measuring

eyeball measuring

No Toothpick

Spaghetti Toothpicks!

Easy Parm Shakers

Mason Jar fun!

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